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Leadership is about transferring vision into reality.

At Become, we have a wealth of school improvement experience and we know that great leaders lead great schools.

As part of our package, every school we work with is entitled to complementary bespoke leadership training with one of our directors.

We work with Headteachers and CEO’s to ensure sessions are tailor made to reflect the unique contexts of each team.

We help amazing people become the best teachers that they can be.

We help incredible schools become places that people want to be.

We don’t just train or coach, we create the experiences that help teachers and schools become.

No box ticking. No standard issue CPD. We create change.

Sessions we have delivered in the past include:

Culture and team development.

Succession modelling.

Leading change.

Developing an efficient and effective curriculum.

Intrinsic understanding of both recruits and school needs.

Positive quality assurance.

We foster long term partnership with schools and many request ongoing CPD for senior leaders.

CPD and consultant services

Sounding board

We provide support to senior leaders, helping them by being in their corner and providing the support that they need when they need it. Not a prescriptive approach, just what they need. Our experienced team provided coaching, mentoring, guidance, challenge and support allowing you to be at your best.

We can help you and your people grow

Don’t just do continuous professional development, create the experience you want your people to have. We can help you to understand the journey your people experience to drive your performance. Whether it’s help with the team, driving engagement, pushing performance or building development we can help you grow.

Build a leader

Doing leadership well doesn’t have to be complicated. But it isn’t always easy. We can help people to figure it out for themselves and give them the tools that they can use along the way. We will certainly make them think!

Creating High Performing Teams:

We can help Senior leaders work ‘on their team’ rather than ‘in their team’ in the drive for high performance.

Learn to coach

Coaching is the must have skill for leaders in high performing corporate environments. We can teach your Leadership Team and other managers and staff to be able to coach as teachers and as leaders. We can even help them get professionally accredited to ILM Level 5 or 7.

Change the change

It’s everywhere and normal, make it feel like that for your people and create the environment which means that they thrive regardless of what is going on around them.


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